Dubai Generals’ Complex Project

Dubai Generals’ Complex Project
8 Residential Buildings & 8 Car Parking Buildings 1.) 231-238 & 231-265 for Major General Juma Aman Obaid Aman 2.) 231-200 & 231-270 for Major General Mohammad Abdulla Sulaiman Sedqi 3.) 231-201 & 231-272 for Major General Abdul Azeez Mohammad Al Bannai 4.) 231-197 & 231-276 for Major General Saeed Mohammad Al Khumda 5.) 231-189 & 231-281 for Major General Ismail Abdullah Al Gergawi 6.) 231-179 & 231-286 for Major General Nasser Abul Razaq Al Razooki 7.) 231-178 & 231-288 for Major General Ali Khalifa Abdulla Saif 8.) 231-177 & 231-290 for Major General Sharafuddin Al Sayed Mohammad Hussain


The Dubai Government granted eight plots for buildings and eight plots for car parking to eight of its major generals working at the Ministry of Interior as their retirement bonus.

The Major Generals’ Complex Project is located in Al Nahda First, Dubai, UAE.

The project was awarded to Beijing Emirates International Construction Co., with a total contract value of AED 800,203,606.00 ($ 220,000,000.00).


The project consist of eight commercial and residential buildings, each building consist of 60 units of one bedroom flats, 140 units of two bedroom flats and 8 units of three bedroom flats (the eight buildings are collectively compose of 480 units of one bedroom flats, 1120 units of two bedroom flats and 64 units of three bed room flats) behind each building a multi story car parking building was constructed, each car parking contains 236 car parking units (total of eight car parking buildings are 1,888 car parking units.) Beijing Emirates International Construction Co., successfully completed the project within the contractual time (24 Months for each building).