The deployment of qualitative and approved techniques/mechanisms geared towards establishing a ZERO ACCIDENT platform remains the foundation rock of Beijing Emirates Group Of Companies. A mass combination of intellectual, engineering and administrative ideas get leveraged from the topmost administrative authorities to the operatives exercising diverse skills within the projects hence getting implemented with the intention to cater for quality, health, safety and environmental concerns for BEC’s workforce, sub-contractors, customers, stakeholders, investors, the public and entire environment within which it operates.

BEC takes the lead in ensuring that securing health, safety, environmental and qualitative concerns go as far as being considered a LIFESTYLE for all those operating within BEC’s projects at large. Besides upgrading itself with current certifications such as ISO 9001-2015 updates, BEC ensures that multiple/complex mechanisms get structured and deployed, hence rendering her management system much more current to stand the test of times. In a bid to render the above practical, BEC prioritizes:



The General Manager of BEC considers the BEC HSE team to be the epicenter of all existing departments within the organization. Safety is considered one of BEC’s topmost priorities amongst its existing operations. The management of BEC commits and dedicates itself to ensuring all related operations are carried out on a safe platform by signing the HSE policy, hence opening up the doorway and giving full support towards HSE concerns.



BEC management understands that motivation remains the key towards boosting the morals of its employees at large. An employee motivation program has been set up practically in each and every BEC operational site, conversant as well to related commitments embedded within the drafted and approved HSE plans. Periodic safety awards like safety man of the week programs are provided to workers alongside certifications backing up each session.

Staff motivational upliftment is not forgotten as well. BEC on a monthly basis through its stringent internal KPI system utilized in scrutinizing progress and implementation set up reasonable targets and awards its HSE engineers and project management respectively based on their achievement and individual performances in that regards.



BEC does not forget the health factor within its operational circle. Health campaigns are utilized as rightful means to diffuse important messages and met out the action within our operational projects, such as liaising with key medical centers on grounds of organized health campaign, talks and medical fitness orientation sessions. Conversant with the BEC drug and alcohol policy, a project drug-free campaign is organized yearly within all BEC operational projects to ensure that illicit drugs are eradicated alongside rehabilitation sessions to restore mindset correctness of concerned victims.



Emergency preparedness programs get established in diverse forms. We ensure preparedness in our projects by linking up with government authorities and give our staff the rightful training, hence preparing them towards unforeseen emergency contingencies. In BEC, we ensure that our project gets the rightful emergency response team from within to curb any unforeseen contingencies.



The deployment of first aid personnel in BEC projects is an inevitable measure towards completion of municipality requirements and the actual fulfillment of health obligations in our sites. First aid cases, despite the fact that pieces of training and diverse systematic measures get implemented, mild first aid cases might be inevitable at times so a first aider plays his role accordingly within the projects. In BEC, the first aiders are monitored and controlled by a certified male nurse in every site who takes the responsibility to ensure that a first aid training plan is drafted and rendered practical accordingly.


SAFE SYSTEMS OF WORK INITIATIVES (formal and informal) :

In BEC, safe systems of work involve diagnosing the job at hand through a defined and explicit work methodology, identifying the hazards involved in the operation and ensuring that stringent mechanisms are put in place to curb all related identified hazards followed by systematic monitoring. The mechanisms in question are classified on grounds of formal or informal, hence a combination of standard operating procedures, method statements, permit to work, job safety analysis.

Beijing Emirates Group Of Companies’ systematic approach towards deployment of a safe system of work within their operational projects.



Setting up a robust benchmarking platform to ensure continues and fruitful competition remains undying is considered an ideal trend through which BEC utilizes to elevate her HSE standards. In BEC, we make use of key performance indicators (lagging and leading indicators) to ensure that benchmarking is done effectively and the maximum required standards are maintained. In addition, performance is evaluated by setting up reasonable targets and significant achievements such as attainment of defined LTI free man-hours within specific time frames and ensuring that those measures are maintained.



Working with the past, the present and defining the future in advance are one of our major ideologies and strengths in BEC when it comes to ensuring continues growth and sustainability in the domain of occupational health and safety. We organize weekly meetings, monthly committee sessions, and annual retrospect meetings in a bid to define a clear, trustworthy and safe path for our customers, stakeholders, contractors, and everyone linked to our operations directly or indirectly. Annual health and safety meetings are held and serve as a good forum for us to evaluate ourselves, by analyzing the past, present in a bid to proactively secure the future.

In BEC we consider safety as a lifestyle and a mindset discipline.